4: Marketing

Marketing your Property the Right Way

The right marketing campaign for your property is like the fuel of your property sale.

If you consider there may be hundreds of properties that buyers could choose from across a number of suburbs at any one time, the effectiveness of your marketing campaign will be the difference of lots of potential buyers noticing your property or some potentially missing it.

There is something I would like you to remember about marketing :

The structure and quality of your marketing campaign will determine the amount of separation you create from other competitive properties in the market place.

Marketing isn't just advertising, it also consists of:

  • Your internet strategy
  • Your agencies database capabilities
  • Your agencies unique positioning tools
  • Advertising Signage
  • The synergy of the office you select and networking capabilities both local & interstate¬†
  • The quality of your photography
  • The buyer-centric design of your marketing format

The right marketing structure is essential in ensuring this premium price element is maximised however it is an individual assessment of each property to design a program that suits you.